SPHIER Emergency Room – The CURE for the Common ER 

SPHIER Emergency Room was designed by local Board Certified Emergency Room Physicians with a vision of having an emergency room where emergencies happen most… in your community. SPHIER ER brings the security of having definitive emergent care just like you find in any hospital emergency room, minus the long wait times.

When there is a possible broken bone, laceration, heart condition or any other crisis, time is of the essence. For all your critical care and other emergencies, go to the SPHIER Emergency Room where wait times average less than 5 minutes and all the advanced technology is there to care for you or your loved ones.

SPHIER ER’s top of the line emergency facility includes a: (1) Full Laboratory Services  (2) X-ray Machine  (3) CT Scanner  (4) Ultrasound Lab.