Discover how SPHIER ER is changing the way you experience Emergency Room Care

SPHIER Emergency Room was designed by Houston Area Board Certified Emergency Room Physicians with a vision of having a 24 Hour Emergency Room where emergencies happen the most… in our community. SPHIER ER brings the security of having definitive pediatric and adult emergency care just like you would find in any hospital emergency room.

SPHIER’s ER care team includes ONLY Board Certified ER physicians, Emergency Room Nurses and Professional Medical Staff along with the convenience of 24-Hour care WITHOUT any wait times.

SPHIER ER’s fully licensed emergency facility uses modern sophisticated technology including:

  • Full Laboratory Services
  • X-Ray Machine
  • CT Scanner
  • Ultrasound Lab

If you or your family has an medical emergency room need, come and see why coming to SPHIER ER is one of the best decisions you can make.